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Day #8: A song you liked when you were younger.

I thought about putting some Smash Mouth here, but I want to remind the world of JoJo. I loved “Too Little, Too Late” as a kid, and I love it even more now. JoJo is an incredible vocal talent, and this song has a great message of independence. I definitely had/have a crush on her, too. This is NOT a guilty pleasure; I am a proud fan! Also, she is still making music, and some of her newer stuff is really great (see “Billions”). Say what you will, but I will take her over Beyonce every day of the week.

Day #7: A song that is your guilty pleasure.

Normally, I would say I don’t feel guilty for liking any music. But this one takes the cake. I really don’t like Miley Cyrus. Her new image, her singing voice, her lyrical content: it’s mostly garbage. But “Adore You” gets me for some reason. The video reminds me of the fact that I am indeed enjoying a Miley song, so I won’t be watching it again after this, but I truly do like the song, and no others by her (I also like “Party in the USA,” but that’s basically a Hannah Montana song, and the difference is vast and important). Hate it/her or love it/her, but this track is always smooth.

Day #6: A song you can always relate to.

I wish I couldn’t always relate to this song. Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is” is about racism and class-based condescension, and these things are everywhere. This is a beautiful song, sampled in “Changes,” which is arguably 2Pac’s best song as well. Whether or not these issues persist forever, the message of this song is simple: don’t believe people who claim that “that’s just the way it is.” Be the better person, and make sure that some things DO change.

Day #5: A song that has a new meaning every time you hear it.

First things first: holy shit. This song doesn’t even have 2,000 views. I have a video on my account with 3,400 views, so that’s really saying something. Second: holy shit, this song is incredible. If you don’t know Jonwayne, that’s fine. Clearly he’s not sitting very high on the youtube-views totem pole. The guy is a rapper (see “Numbers on the Hoard” or “Blaq Cowboy”). He makes some real dizzying, mesmerizing tracks. “Zeroh’s Song” is no exception. I haven’t even listened to this one very much, but I still can’t figure out what it means or makes me feel because it truly is different each time I play it. Bump this guy’s views up, because he deserves it.

Day #4: A song that reminds of you of something sad.

I don’t think Jack Johnson’s music strikes many people as sad. Even for me, his stuff makes me feel good. But this song, it’s bittersweet. I was fully introduced to Jack’s music by a girl who was really important to me. Sometimes she and I would sit on her porch and listen to this album, and probably this song. It’s probably the lyrics, but this song reminds me of her whenever I hear it, and it reminds of the fact that she isn’t really in my life anymore. It truly was better when we were together.

Day 3: A song that makes me laugh.

Let me begin by saying thank you to the based god. #TYBG #BGYCFMB diorpaint No black person is ugly. Hip hop is not dead, it’s just mislead. Lil B is a genius. I wasn’t a true believer until I heard this diss track. A little background for you: Kevin Durant tweeted something about Lil B being wack or irrelevant. The BasedGod responded with a 1-on-1 challenge, which was never accepted. Therefore, fuck Kevin Durant. Let’s be honest: Kevin Durant is the nicest guy in professional sports. He donated a MILLION DOLLARS to tornado victims in Oklahoma. But he’s got to respect the based god. Brandon Flowers is known for his positivity and uplifting messages, but “Fuck KD” is all about hoop life. As Lil B says to Kevin, “the game of basketball my goddamn life / I ain’t never watched you on the motherfuckin’ TV.”

Day 2: A song that helps you clear your head.

What I love about doing this song challenge again after a year is that since the first round, I have found so much wonderful music, especially Jai Paul. This guy is incredible. He has only officially released two tracks, and a sublime collection of unfinished tracks was leaked last year, allegedly as his album in progress. Everything I have heard by this phantom of an artist clears my head with ease. “Jasmine (demo)” is his second official track. It was featured in GTA V, and it is one of only two 12” singles that I own on vinyl. It’s THAT good. This may be one of my favorite tracks of all time. Listen and try not to enjoy.

Side note: this is a fan video for the song, not an official music video. The clips are from “Apocalypse Now.” However, Jai himself liked this video and added it to some playlist on his youtube channel.

Hello all! I haven’t been so active on here in a little while, so I thought I would revitalize my presence with another round of the 30 day song challenge. I had a lot of fun with this, and I really think this would be cool to see replicated by my followers or other tumblr users. Day #1 is: A song that makes you happy. This entry is “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes. “Escape” makes me happy for three reasons. First, it was featured in Guardians of the Galaxy. That movie made me happy because it was the first *original* Marvel movie in a few years, and it truly broke the mundane mold that the production studios have set for themselves. Also, the entire soundtrack is excellent. Another reason this song makes me happy is the lyrics. It describes a pair of lovers who have lost interest in each other. The singer comes upon an interesting personal ad in the paper and responds to it, planning to escape from his current relationship. I won’t spoil the end for you, but the result is very satisfying. Finally, this song makes me happy because the melody is so relaxing. Though Rupert Holmes claims a “one-hour recording of a favorite song” is “too long,” his may be a tune of which I never grow tired.